Busy Gal’s Lazy Routine

If you’re anything like me, time is limited and nobody has time for an hour long makeup routine in the morning and an hour long skincare routine before bed. I’m all about products that are maximal impact and minimal effort.


☀️ My morning beauty routine takes roughly 10 minutes. I use the products that packs the most punch in order of importance, they are as follows:

  • Sunscreen – This is the most crucial step of my morning routine! Sunscreen will help prevent wrinkles, slow down aging and decrease moisture loss 😊 I will usually pick a sunscreen that can double as a moisturizer so it’s the only thing I have to rub into my face in the morning! I am thoroughly enjoying the COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream with SPF 50 and PA+++.
  • Eyebrows – Have you ever wondered why models look so good “without” makeup? It is almost all attributed to them brows! The proper eyebrows will make your face look clean, framed and slimmer. Who doesn’t want that?!
  • Blush – Second to eyebrows, this is the item that makes the most difference to a girl’s face, especially a girl with no color in her cheeks *points to self* Cream blushes are extra easy since you can just tap some on with your fingers.
  • Mascara – If I’m feeling extra ambitious that day, or by some miracle got up a few minutes early, I will sweep on a few coats on my eyelashes.

⌛️ There are a few things I found recently that are especially useful for when you’re on the run and have to impress some folks:

  • BB cushion – These things are so easy to apply and comes with a handy dandy mirror, which is always useful to carry around 😊
  • Eyeshadow Stick – Another hero product for on-the-run glam is the eyeshadow stick! It’s so easy to apply and takes no time at all.

🌙 My nighttime beauty routine mainly consists of adequately washing off products and hydrating my ever so dry skin. It’s usually a bit longer than my morning routine, but no more than 15 minutes:

  • First Cleanse – My favorite K-beauty item of all time is the cleansing oil/balm/sherbert. The first time I used one, it was life-changing 😱 I didn’t know my face could feel so baby bottom soft, clean and moisturized.
  • Second Cleanse – Afterwards, I like to use a hydrating cleanser to clean off any remaining oil and leftover makeup/sunscreen without stripping my skin of all its moisture.
  • Tone – The surprising silent hero to properly hydrating dry skin is a toner. It not only nourishes skin but also opens up the pores to get the most out of your moisturizer. This is a super fast step as I just quickly pat it on my face.
  • Moisturize – A favorite moisturizing ingredient for K-beauty enthusiasts is snail essence and this cream is loved by so many!

💁 Sometimes when I need some extra pampering, I’ll slap on a mask #netflixandmask

😂 If I’m extra busy that day or strongly value that extra 15 minutes I could be sleeping, this entire routine becomes a one-step process.

Night, beauties 💤

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