4 Step Easy Korean Skincare Routine


My name is Lani aka content ninja at Memebox. I get a lot of questions from Korean skincare routine beginners who are overwhelmed by all the products. So I put together my actual everyday skincare routine for you 😉 

I believe in two things: saving time and maximizing value. The products I use are efficient, easy to use, and lasts me long enough to be worth their cost.

Here’s a chart of the four steps for day and night:


First thing to keep in mind is that you must clean your face. “Double-cleansing” is an important part of Korean skincare. You clean once with oil to remove ANY makeup, then clean again to make sure those impurities are really gone.

My absolute favorite oil-based cleanser is this Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbet. It’s in a balm formula aka I-don’t-drip-oil-everywhere formula. I like this because it’s not as oily as other balm cleansers I’ve tried, it’s gentle, and it gets rid of stubborn makeup. Remember to use it on DRY skin!

BOTANIC FARM Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbet


Next, use a gentle foam cleanser to make sure everything’s completely clean. In the morning, skip the oil cleanser and go straight to foam. This Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser doesn’t strip my skin of its natural moisture- I like 👌

COSRX Low pH Good Morning Cleansing Gel


If your skin’s pH isn’t balanced, it’s going to go crazy on you 😔 That’s where toners come in- they keep your skin’s pH at a happy level and softens the skin! I like this AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner because it has a spray NOZZLE ❤️ (Also because it’s gentle and keeps my skin refreshed and happy) Talk about easy application..

COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

Don’t forget to moisturize! I like lightweight moisturizers that don’t sit on my skin for hours. I prefer not to have my hair stick all over my face, thanks 🙅 This Dynasty Cream is a best-seller for good reason. It absorbs almost instantly, smells like flowers, and is so smooth and light.


Now, if it’s daytime and you’re planning to head out, don’t ever skip the other most important part of K-beauty: SPF. Since I like my products to be efficient, I use this Beauty Shot Face Blur SPF 33 PA++ by Etude House. It’s got some sun protection, BLURRING capabilities (bye-bye pores), and gives me a subtle glow. Win-win!

Note: It’s technically a primer, but even if you don’t wear foundation, this will give your face a slightly “filtered” look, meaning it’s perfect for everyone. Also, you’d ideally want more sun protection than this, but I like my products to be multi-use and since I use an SPF foundation afterwards, it’s good enough for me!

ETUDE HOUSE Beauty Shot Face Blur SPF 33 PA++


15 thoughts

  1. This is perfect! Thank you so much. As a newbie to the Korean beauty process, I was feeling a little overwhelmed with all the products, but this is great!

    Is there any chance that we will see this for purchase as a set? Also, what is the best pore minimizer? I have pretty nice skin and don’t do much to/for it, but do have larger pores/blackheads on my nose. If I could get rid of that, I think my skin would be perfect!

    Thanks again!
    Rana || xoxo


    1. Not sure about the set, but it’s definitely something we can look! You’ll be happy to know that we’re coming out with something targeted at blackheads (keep an eye out for it!). We’ll have some makeup/advanced skincare posts coming out over the next month as well 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Perfect! Thank you so much! I will certainly keep checking in + if you could look into a set, that would be very much appreciated!

        Rana || xoxo


  2. This is a big help. But the problem is I have acne but it’s starting to get better now. I was just wondering if those products and the routin will help minimize my pore and acne scar?


    1. If it helps, I have combo/acne-prone skin and these keep my skin in check. Of course, I bring in reinforcements when my skin acts up (this is just a beginner’s routine). There will more posts coming for specific skin types! 🙂


  3. I can’t believe I just found out that you guys have your own blog :D. Thanks for the awesome picks. I’ve been eyeing the Cosrx cleanser for a while now. I just might have to pick it up kekeke.


  4. I have a question. On the toner box it says to moisturize before the toner. Generally, the toner comes before moisturizer, as you stated. So which is better? Should I first use toner then use moisturizer or use moisturizer first and then toner?


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