I Tried 3 Cleansers So You Wouldn’t Have To


Cleaning is by far the most important part of skincare. You should always set time aside to give your skin a good cleanse every day (and night).

But since there are so many different types of cleansers, I went ahead and tried them so you wouldn’t have to 😎 Here are my findings on cleansing oils, cleansing balms, and cleansing waters:


Oil – I’m Cleansing Oil ($14)
Mini Size – 30ml ($1.50)
Available in Moist Oil for Dry Skin and Fresh Oil for Combo Skin

Cleansing oils are great if you wear some makeup (foundation, eyeliner, mascara, etc). It may seem counterproductive to add oils to your face, but the good oils actually pull out the bad oils so you can wash it all away at the end.

giphy (3).gif

All you need is one or two pumps. You can run it across your eyelids to gently melt away makeup too. Because cleansing oils are so refreshing, you can usually end your cleansing routine there (I always recommend double cleansing though), making it perfect for long nights!


Final test – cotton pad soaked in toner:


Woot- so clean ✨ I can pretty much skip the second cleansing since the oil feels so gentle and fresh.

Balm – Nooni Snowflake Cleanser ($13)
Mini Size – 10g ($1.30)

Cleansing Balms are my personal favorite because it’s a combo of everything great: travel-friendly, good oils, and ultra clean. If you’re an avid sunscreen wearer, a balm may be the best option since sunscreen really does stick.

Balms are thicker, so I recommend following up with a regular foam/gel cleanser to double cleanse. If you’re going to clean, do it right 👍

The texture is thick and balmy at first, but quickly melts with your body temperature. You can see it already melting here:


After you rub it into your face, it’ll turn into an oil to really pull the impurities off your skin. It doesn’t really feel greasy– more like a soft/milky/semi-oily type of feeling that’s honestly hard to explain:

DSC_0012 copy.JPG

Here you can see my waterproof mascara and eyeliner already coming off (30 seconds into rubbing)


After rubbing the product in for a while, I added some water and it turned into a really gentle milk:


Final test – cotton pad soaked in toner:


Looks like it got everything off (I ran this across my eyelids and lashes as well)!

Water – Spring Water Root Energy Cleansing Water ($18)
Mini Size – 30ml ($1.50)

Cleansing water is a newer technology, but it’s basically a magical water that removes makeup and impurities without actual soap and water 😂 If you’re someone who uses non-waterproof makeup, or just don’t wear much makeup at all, this is perfect for  you because it’s so easy and efficient!

This is especially great for late mornings when you’re rushing out the door because it replaces the need to do an entire cleansing routine. You just need to soak a cotton pad, wipe across your face, and you’re done. Sensitive skin gals who don’t find oils and balms too drying will love this ❤

giphy (2).gif

Let’s see how it does with face makeup:


And with eye makeup:


I did notice some leftover makeup under my eyes after cleaning but then again, it’s not meant for waterproof and/or heavy makeup.

Final test – cotton pad soaked in toner:


There’s still some leftover foundation but looks really clean 😀


Cleansing Oil (Moist Oil | Fresh Oil) – moderate makeup, time-efficient
Cleansing Balm – heavy makeup
Cleansing Water – light makeup, time-efficient

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