Pony Effect MEGA Swatch

A new round of Pony Effect goodies just launched today and there’s just SO MUCH beautiful in one place ⚡️ To help make your shopping process a little easier, I’ve swatched every item in the new launch~

Let’s start with the Conceptual Eyes Quads ($29)

Keep in mind that the following pictures are 100% unedited! The colors  are actually a little brighter in person than in the photos because these were taken indoors during an overcast day 🌥

#Be Romantic



#So Gorgeous


#Eternal Seduction

The Conceptual Eyes Quads are all velvety smooth and the pigmentation is spot on. The lighter shades are amazing for a highlight and the bolder shades instantly transforms any basic look!

And now onto the Contouring Master Palettes ($32)



I love the formula of these two palettes. They’re honestly super buttery- I almost felt like my fingers were rubbing on silk! All the colors are buildable without adding on any cake-face.

An important thing to keep in mind is that the colors are meant to be less pigmented, but very buildable. This is because you need face makeup to look natural and slowly build up into the intensity you need.

The swatches above are 2-3 swipes 😍  One is really all you need to see a natural difference- two if you want something a little stronger.

Here are the two side by side so you can see the differences:

Here are the Profection Brush Liners ($15.50)

Top to bottom: #Deep Brown, #Carbon Black, and #Brown

These have a soft, elastic tip and glides on very easily without any tugging. Because the tip isn’t completely stiff, you can create thick or thin lines depending on your preferences.

The Favorite Fluid Lip Tints are not a new launch, but these colors are new ($16.50)! This is with one swipe~

From top to bottom: My Pleasure, Due Respect, Cherish Values, Sheer Delight, Lavish Praise

Fun fact: In the 3 minutes it took for me to swatch and take the photo, the tints stained my arm and refused to budge even after I scrubbed it a few times with a makeup wipe 💪

Now that you know what everything looks like, what will you be picking up 😉

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