FIVE Acne Tips & Fixes

Oh, acne 😭 If you’re acne-prone, I feel your pain! Thankfully, K-beauty has solutions for just about every pimple headache 💞


Acne has an uncanny ability to pop up at the worst times, and I’ve definitely had my fair share of a massive looker start to show the night before a big event 😞 For these moments, you really need to spot treat with some heavy-duty ingredients, like salicylic acid and tea tree.

My weapon of choice is the Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch ❤️

Nicole - Patch.gif

Rather than popping a pimple that has turned white from infection, you just pop one of these on before bed and come morning, the white will be gone and the size reduced 😉


Okay, now let’s move onto causes. Believe it or not, stress can play a big role in acne breakouts. Whenever you can, put a sheet mask and just relax. While you’re at it, go for calming ingredients like tea tree and aloe.

Nicole - Tea Tree.gif

I suggest checking out the Acne Mask Set for an entire selection with awesome value. If you want to just try a single mask, go for the Freeset Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask Healing.


If those pesky pimples already showed up, don’t worry. You can definitely cover them up! Basic knowledge of the color wheel tells us that green is opposite red, so green products will cancel out the redness~ It looks a little freaky at first, but just add your regular foundation over it and wait for the magic.


Our most popular green product by far is the Botanic Farm Dot Art CC Cushion. The packaging is on point AND it’s super effective. I also suggest trying the Hope Girl Magic Skin Makeup Base Green because I’m super biased and the Hope Girl primers are my absolute Holy Grails..


Okay, now let’s go over how you can stop those pimples from showing up in the first place. The motto of K-beauty is unofficially (meaning I came up with it) “Prevention is easier than removal”. Key things to keep in mind are: use cleansers, balance your skin’s pH level, and use anti-bacterial ingredients like tea tree.

Nicole - Cleanse.gif

I’m a huge fan of the Tea Tree Refresh Calming Toner because most toners dry out my face and makes it sting a little but this one never does. Actually, I love all the Secret Key toners.


Finally, you need to make sure you keep your face clean. If your pores aren’t clean, then all your hard work would have gone to waste! Use charcoal to pull out gunk and control sebum, hyaluronic acid to keep the skin hydrated, and extractors to unclog the pores!


By now you’ve probably seen the magic that is the Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask. It pulls out all the impurities from your pores without damaging the skin- win! Also, try the Pore Beauty Nose Pack. It’s a 3-step system that you use once a week for four weeks to pull out excessive sebum and blackheads~

Hope these acne tips were helpful! Be sure to check out our In the Clear: Acne Edition page HERE. Everything on the page is 20% off for a limited time with the code ‘CLEARUP20’ 💸

One thought

  1. I remember dealing with acne as a teen and it is so annoying. I would agree with you that it does usually pop up at the worst and most inconvenient times. I think that I will tell my kids that they need to keep their face clean like you suggested because it will help prevent acne from happening.


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