Embracing #CleanBeauty

Although we love makeup, we always remember that it isn’t necessary. We really want to take some time and focus on the skin, because skin is always beautiful 😻

#CleanBeauty for us was inspired by Nooni. The brand is made up of products containing oxygen-rich water from lush islands in Korea 🇰🇷 People don’t usually pay attention to the water used in products, but why not? It’s an important ingredient that makes a world of difference on your skin!

The first step of clean skin is to double cleanse ✌ Double cleansing is so important because one layer of cleanser won’t be enough to melt off every bit of makeup at the end of the night.

TIP: Even if you only wear sunscreen, you’ll still want to double cleanse at night to make sure you really get to the impurities that dug into your pores throughout the day.

Double cleansing consists of an oil-based cleanser (deep clean level) and a lighter cleanser to rinse away any residue.

First Cleanser
Second Cleanser


Clean, then clean again because it really IS that important.

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