Brands We Love – Esfolio

Starting a new relationship with a skincare brand is kind of like dating.

It’s tricky figuring out the difference between loser and lover without learning the hard way. And when it comes to our skin, there’s nothing more heartbreaking  than the “hard way” (think surprise breakouts and irritated skin) 💔

We meet a lot of duds, so when we do meet a brand we love, we want to shout it to the world.. aka, all over the web. That’s why we’re SUPER ecstatic about hooking you up with a brand after our own hearts: Esfolio.


The founders’ driving motto is to create products that they’d be proud to bring home to mama 💃 What you see is what you get with Esfolio. The star ingredients are near the top of the label list (meaning there’s a significant amount), instead of at the bottom where you know they’re just for show.

Esfolio courts each skin concern with their customized collections, each including the necessary trio (toner, essence, and moisturizing cream) with perfect pH levels of 4.5 to 5.5.

Marin Water – For Combination Skin: Detoxing ($25)


The Marin Water series is all about hydrating, revitalizing, and elasticizing skin. These underwater treasures are flowing with mineral-rich sea extracts that detox skin while building a protective moisture barrier 🌊 A dip in these deep waters, and skin emerges with smoother and softer texture and brighter and more even tone.

mirin cream.gif

Get it HERE.

Goat Milk- For Dry Skin ($25)


And when you’re not feeling surf, Esfolio also offers turf. The Goat Milk collection brings its A-game by boosting elasticity and improving the complexion 🐐 Milk proteins nourish, strengthen, and moisturize until skin’s tone and texture take “milky complexion” to the next level.


Get it HERE.

Soy Milk- For Oily Skin ($25)


If your skin’s shining way too bright, as in a gross greasy way, then the Soy Milk line has you covered. Soy Milk and pure vegetable extracts control excess sebum while forming a moisturizing layer that treats and nourishes sensitive and troubled skin. The result is hydrated and healthier skin ✨

soy milk.gif

Get it HERE.

With Esfolio’s commitment to honest ingredients and something-for-everyone products, the chances of a perfect match are high. Plus, you can rest assured that we totally recommend this heartthrob to our own fam and to you, our beloved inner circle.

Starting a new relationship with a skincare brand doesn’t have to be such a challenge when you’ve got friends who are down to try it out first so you don’t have to learn the hard way!

To win a set for yourself, check out this Instagram post for how to enter. We’ll be picking three winners!


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