Brands We Love – Treeannsea

You know it’s serendipity when you run into someone at the most random of places. That’s how Treeannsea, a small K-beauty brand gaining major momentum in Seoul, first sparked our interest. When we spotted the serums, creams, and oils galore in all their adorable packaging at Seoul Fashion Week, we knew it was meant to be.


After digging deeper, we were smitten and had no other choice but to bring in Treeannsea and share the obsession with you guys before the brand got even bigger in Korea (because who doesn’t love being first?).

We totally fell in love with the inspiration behind the brand, a legend of a precious baby girl named Ann who was born in a mystical place where the land meets the sea. The land and sea nurtured and raised her, and she blossomed into a beautiful woman with pearlescent skin and a floral fragrance.

Inspired by this mythical story, Treeannsea uses only safe, natural ingredients sourced from the most pristine regions of land and sea. Its high quality products are cruelty free 🐰 and KFDA certified, so they’re safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

To help you decide which product is best for you, we’ll walk through the three main collections and a few items from each one.

Desert- Brightening, Anti-Aging, and Moisturizing

This desert series features rare plants that miraculously retain moisture and thrive in the desert heat. With the help of these sandy stars (pH level 6 and under), your skin can bloom in the driest conditions, too 🌹

The Desert Rose (Adenium Obesum Leaf) is the main attraction of the Desert Rose Cream. It builds a protective barrier to prevent moisture 💦 evaporation, while also brightening the complexion and delivering anti-aging effects.

The Agave Cactus Desert Ampoule is packed with more than 90% Agave Cactus Extract, a desert plant that retains 99% of its moisture in sizzling climates. Enriched with vegetable Collagen, this prickly pick moisturizes, boosts elasticity, and controls excess sebum. According to the brand’s reps, it’s also MFDS approved as a whitening and anti-wrinkle cosmetic treatment 💯

Madagascar- Moisture Balance and Pore Care

Imported straight from Madagascar Island, this exotic line features tropical products of pH level 5.5 that’ll get your skin in an island 🌴 state of mind– radiant and energized.

Anointed with 100% certified Tamanu Oil, the Madagascar Tamanu Oil is nourishes irritated and troubled skin. It also hydrates skin and wards of excess sebum, which keeps the complexion bright, tone even, and texture smooth.

The Madagascar Island Pore Soap definitely raises the bar when it comes to cleansing. It’s handmade with 100% cold pressed Madagascar vegetable oils and washes away the dirt and excess sebum from pores.

Eskimo- Soothing, Hydrating

You can literally feel the Eskimo series work wonders on your skin. Sparkling with minerals and invigorating ingredients imported from all over the world, these natural products leave a refreshing, cooling sensation on skin. And with pH levels between 5 to 7, they help skin strike the perfect balance between moisture and oil.

The Eskimo Mela Liquid Mousse Foam is a fluffy ☁️  cleanser packed with exfoliating Papaya Extract and Citric Acid that purify and strengthen skin. Micro bubbles from Carbonated Water deliver minerals into pores to clean, nourish, and tighten them. Plus, other natural fruit and herbal extracts keep skin calm, cool, and collected.

People all over the globe drink, eat, and apply Chamomile for its super soothing powers. The Eskimo Mela Fertile Soothing Facial Mist is made of a whopping 90% Chamomile Extract, so needless to say, it soothes skin to another level. A spritz of this facial mist also delivers an instant cooling sensation and covetable glow.

These aren’t the only must-trys from Treeannsea. We’ve curated an array of its all-stars so you can get first dibs on this up and coming brand we love. Try ‘em out and let us know what you think!

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