Here’s What Happens to Your Skin on Your Period

Unless you’re blessed with the chillest period ever, you’ve probably experienced some symptoms related to your hormones fluctuating during menstruation. Let’s walk through what happens* to your skin during your cycle and how you can prepare for war 💪

*Every body is different so you may have different experiences.

Let’s go over this handy little chart first 🤓

Content_ThatDayMask_4.jpgWeek 1 starts with your period. During this time, prostaglandins (aka the hormone that causes cramps and all that horrible stuff) rises while estrogen levels drop. This causes your skin to appear dull 😨

Week 2 is the week before ovulation begins. During this time your estrogen spikes. In case you don’t know what estrogen does, it keeps your skin looking bright, clear, and plump. Basically, it’s your internal Fountain of Youth. This is the week of your best skin condition 🎉😍

At week 3, ovulation is beginning. We’re moving into the second half of the cycle, where progesterone begins to take over as the dominant hormone. As estrogen drops, the skin begins to lose water. This leads to dry skin and more prominent wrinkles 😱

Week 4 is at the end of your cycle. Progesterone is causing your pores to shrink while also putting sebum production into overdrive. Normally, smaller pores = good, but since there’s so much excessive sebum, there’s a higher chance of oil and bacteria getting trapped 👎 You may notice breakouts start to pop up around this time.

So what should I do to balance the problems?

Glad you asked. If your skin issues are happening due to hormones, don’t panic and start changing up your entire routine. You should add some supplements to help your skin out during troubled times. Introducing…….. the new Bonvivant That Day Masks 😉 Each of these three masks are designed to take on a problem 😁

Dull Skin Problems


Start your period off with the Brightening Care mask.


This one contains grapefruit extract, lemon peel oil, acerola extract, and pomegranate seed oil- all ingredients for bright, glowing skin ✨

Dry Skin Problems


Give your skin an extra boost of moisture with the Hydrating Care mask.


This mask contains filtered snail slime, chamomile extract, foxglove extract, and rosehip fruit oil. Make sure you drink plenty of water during this time to stay hydrated from inside out 💦

Troubled Skin Problems


If you’re experiencing issues with acne, grab a Blemish Care mask.


This mask contains mugwort extract, swiss alpine herb extract, aloe vera leaf extract, and lime oil- all useful ingredients to control the sebum and soothe your tired skin. During this time, don’t try to overdo it on the scrubbing. You don’t want to dry out your face! Make sure to cleanse thoroughly and gently.

While we’re at it, the sheets of the That Day Masks are pretty cool 😎 Take a look for yourself:


If you’re planning on picking up a few of these masks, make sure to check out the value sets HERE for maximum value! All the sets come with a cat headband to hold your hair back and a chocolate bar because a girl’s gotta have chocolate 🍫

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