Tips For Youthful Skin Beyond Your 20s

When you’re in your 30s and 40s, you may find it harder to maintain a glowing complexion. From environmental stressors to the natural effects of age, you could be dealing with discoloration, dullness, fine lines and crow’s feet.

Once you’re in your 30s, your skin takes twice as long to regenerate as it did in your 20s, resulting in skin that needs a little extra TLC. This is when the effects of cumulative sun exposure really start to show.

Don’t stress out too much — seriously, that can cause aging, too. Read on for details on each step!


Cleansing has been an essential step since puberty, and it becomes even more important as you age. Rock star Stevie Nicks credits her amazing skin at 60 to never sleeping with makeup on. Follow her advice and wash your face every night to get rid of the day’s makeup, sunscreen, and sebum.

Korean skincare routines incorporate two cleansing products: an oil-based cleanser and then a water-based cleanser.

An oil-based cleanser takes care of oil-based makeup, SPF, dirt and sebum with no difficulty. Slather it onto dry skin and massage it in, and it should wash off easily.


A water-based cleanser removes any traces of dirt or makeup that the oil cleanser left behind.


If dryness is a growing concern, add a toner to your routine to keep dry patches at bay. With ingredients like hyaluronic acid to plump up the skin and aloe to soothe sensitive skin, go for K-beauty toners, which are usually more hydrating and gentle than their Western counterparts.


Since your cell turnover rate has begun to slow down, consider adding an exfoliating toner with AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) to address uneven texture and discoloration, or one with BHA (beta hydroxy acid) to treat spots and blemishes.


This is where the fun ingredients like propolis, bee venom and snail filtrate start taking center stage. The Korean method encourages you to layer as many serums as you need to improve your skin’s condition.

You should definitely incorporate an antioxidant serum with Vitamin C once you turn 30. This will help prevent photo aging and keep free radicals away. Otherwise, add a brightening serum, blemish-targeting serum, or firming serum as you need. Plus, there are more than just serums available to treat your skin’s condition.

You can also try essences, which are meant to be used as a light hydration layer, and include many of the same active ingredients as serums in lesser concentrations. First essences are another take on this skin-friendly trend. These incorporate fermented filtrates like galactomyces to revitalize your complexion.


Ampoules are more concentrated serums with a thicker consistency and often include beneficial ingredients like snail filtrate and honey in high amounts. Use these to supercharge your routine.

You can incorporate these products as you need them and applying them all correctly is easier than it seems. When in doubt, use your products in order from thinnest to thickest.


As you get older, consider switching out your moisturizer for something more hydrating to address increasing dryness. Think about using a cream with honey, which works by attracting moisture and keeping it in.

To treat fine lines, go for a cream with bee venom or ginseng. Try a cream or gel with snail filtrate if your skin is sensitive, combination, or oily.

If you notice an increase in fine lines around your eyes, add an eye cream to your routine. Your eyes often show the first signs of aging, so it’s good to keep the surrounding skin well hydrated.


The best way to protect your skin and prevent premature aging is by wearing sunscreen every day. Apply at least a nickel-sized glob to your face to ensure you’re fully protected.

Not a fan of creamy sunscreens? Try a mineral powder with SPF protection.


You’ll want a broad-spectrum sunscreen that provides adequate protection from both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays. Look for one with at least SPF 30 and a PA rating of PA+++ or higher.  Double up on sun protection with a cushion SPF foundation, a product many Koreans swear by.


You can also use sleeping packs or overnight masks to give your skin a boost of hydration, especially if you live in a cooler or less humid climate.


And try using sheet masks before a big event for an extra luminous complexion. A sheet mask with aloe or rice will soothe sensitive skin. A mask with honey or donkey milk will moisturize a dry face, and one with propolis or snail filtrate is great for oily or combination complexions.

Now go forth with your new Korean skincare routine knowledge and continue to glow!

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