A Note From Memebox USA President

To our customers,

I want to start by offering my sincere apologies for the delays in shipping. These delays are not only unacceptable to us, but more importantly a multi-week wait is not the experience that we ever want to deliver to you, our customers.

So, why the wait?

  • We recently moved our order fulfillment from our headquarters in San Francisco to a larger warehouse in the East Bay – while more room means we can process more shipments, the move and system integrations disrupted our shipping efforts.
  • Order volume – frankly, we didn’t anticipate this many orders. It’s a great problem to have, but a problem we need to solve quickly.

Now to what you really want to know – how are we fixing it?

  • A bigger warehouse: The good news is we’re expanding into a larger warehouse, which means we can accommodate more of the product you love, and ship out more orders.
  • Bringing on more people: We’re ramping up hiring, and in the meantime employees from our headquarters are pitching in in the short term to fulfill your orders – myself included.
  • Learning from our mistakes: It doesn’t feel good to disappoint you and it doesn’t reflect the experience we pride on providing to our customers. We are learning from these mistakes and creating more accurate shipping and processing estimates to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

We take these delays seriously, and we appreciate your patience while we work through these hiccups. Memebox USA has grown nearly 5x year-over-year, mainly through word of mouth – customers like you telling your friends about Memebox. It’s thanks to many of you that our company has grown so quickly in the US, and we don’t want to let our most loyal customers down. You have our commitment that we will resolve these issues as quickly as possible for you.

If you have any questions about your specific order, please feel free to email us at hi@memebox.com.


Arnold Hur, US President, Memebox

5 thoughts

  1. You guys rock. While my order took longer than expected, it was still quicker than buying it from Korea : ) Thank you for the points, they are very much appreciated!


  2. So do we need to cancel our order . Or do you guys know when it will be shipped? If not, I would just want to cancel my order and a refund please . Thank you


  3. You know what I appreciate? When a business actually steps up and says, “Hey. We had a problem. We recognize that and we are fixing it.”
    It seems there are so many others that would just shrug this off and not really pay attention to the customers. Much less be honest. But not Memebox! This is just another reason why we love our oppas and unnis.


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