Holy Grails You Need to Try in 2017

The best part about skincare is that there’s always new products to explore and play with 😍 With the new year coming up, let us introduce to you some of our favorite products- hopefully they’ll become your holy grails in 2017!

1. COSRX Jumbo Ultimate Overnight Masks – Honey, Rice

What it is: Overnight masks are like skincare elves that work through the night to give you major skin goals when you wake up. Cosrx’s new jumbo masks come in two versions: honey 🍯 for irritated skin, and rice for dry skin 🌾

Why you’ll love it: The squeeze-tube packaging is amazing because it’s just so convenient and hygienic 🌊 The ingredients are top-notch (in case you’re not aware, honey and rice are serious powerhouses) and you’ll never wake up on the wrong side when your skin glows like this👇


How to use: Apply an even layer (no need to make it too thick) on your skin before bed. Let it absorb and rinse off with lukewarm water in the morning.

* Use Honey if you have stressed or troubled skin. The texture is a light gel.
* Use Rice if you’re in need of intense hydration. The texture is creamy.

2. BENTON Limited Edition Benton Travel Set

What it is: Benton has a huuuuge fan-base and we’re not surprised by all the praise they’ve gotten over the years. This brand is known to do wonders for those with sensitive, troubled skin 👍 This set contains a mini skincare routine: cleansing foam, toner, gel (light moisturizer), and eye cream.


Why you’ll love it: If you’ve been itching to try Benton but couldn’t take the plunge, this is your chance to get on the bandwagon 🤗 If you’re like us and already gush about Benton regularly, this set is going to perfect for traveling! It’s a huge plus that it has the essentials for a simple routine 🎉

How to use: Use in the order shown above – cleanser, toner, gel, eye cream. After removing makeup with an oil cleanser or wipe, clean your face with a pea-sized amount of the cleanser. Follow up with a nickel-sized amount of the toner. Smooth the gel all over your face and finish by tapping a tiny bit of eye cream under the eyes.

3. NOONI Skin Pack Sheets 

What it is: Cotton pads are basic compared to the skin pack sheets #realtalk. They’re made from layers of plush natural plant fibers, meaning you only need to use half the amount of product you normally do.


Why you’ll love it: Okay, story time. I recently gifted a box of these miracle babies to my mother and after testing them out, she asks if I can bring her 10 more boxes.

You’ll definitely love these for the same reasons she did. They won’t drink up all of your product, they’re perfectly shaped for the cheek area, the $3 price is wallet-friendly, and they can be used as an emergency sheet mask.

nooni 2.gif

How to use: To use for applying skincare, dispense a nickel-sized amount on the sheet and wipe your face as usual. To use as a DIY mask, dispense a generous amount of essence or toner to the sheet and rip in half at the perforated line. Press onto trouble areas and allow to soak in for 15 minutes.

4. J.ONE Hana Cream

What it is: This is a little interesting because the cream is packaged as individual capsules. Each pearl is packed with anti-aging and collagen-boosting properties. Over time, it’ll help the skin be more firm, hydrated, and elastic.

Why you’ll love it: The ingredients are definitely the stars in the Hana Cream. We’re talking powerful ingredients like collagen-boosting peptides to firm and lift the skin, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, and fullerene to protect from damage. AND, they’re infused with natural elements like macadamia seed oil and zhi mu plant extract to revitalize and replenish skin.

TL;DR – It’s filled with all the goodness you could possibly need for radiant skin.

How to use: Grab one pearl (or two if you have extra dry skin) and gently press it between your fingers. It should “pop” and turn into a regular cream. Apply in an upwards sweeping motion all over your face.


So that’s it for our major hits of 2016! Let us know if these are on your Holy Grail potentials list for the new year 🏆


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