8 Instagram-Worthy Spots in SF

Did you know that Memebox HQ is based in San Francisco, CA? We have plenty of jaw-dropping gems in the city and with Valentine’s Day coming up, here’s a list of spots to hit if you’re visiting!

PS. You’ll get some brownie points for top-notch IG posts too 😉

1. Golden Gate Heights Mosaic Stairway 


Literally every one of the 163 step is photo worthy. Parking may be difficult since it’s nestled on a residential street but considering it offers a 360 degree jaw-dropping view the entire way up, you won’t mind circling ❤️

2. Angel Island 


Angel Island is for all you hikers, history-buffs, and explorers. The ferry ride to the island is an experience in itself and the view along the hike is phenomenal (think 360 view of SF!!!). At the end, you get a history lesson on Asian-American immigration as a bonus!

4. Ocean Beach


Ocean Beach is pretty wherever you enter, but here’s a tip: for more “privacy” and rolling sand hills, enter near Noriega St and for more standard beach liveliness, enter by Golden Gate Park.

5. Sutro Baths


This is pretty standard tourist destination for San Francisco, but there are plenty of places you can still take pictures without a crowd. For the most part, people gather at the top viewing deck, but you’re welcome to take the hike down to the bath itself and find stunning views right up close 📷

6. Miles Rock Beach


Most people know of the labyrinth, but if you start your hike from Legion of Honor and take a short trek to reach the cliff overlooking the beach- privately on top of the world 🌎

7. Japantown


Japantown is always a fun date spot because of all the restaurants, shopping spots, and picture-friendly dessert shops. Can’t go wrong with spending a day soaking in the rich culture and get some shopping done~

8. California Academy of Sciences


The Academy is divided into different sections based on the type of environment you want to explore, and all of them are equally interesting and worth a visit. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to grab that perfect shot.

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter where in SF you go. Each neighborhood is unique and filled with its own history and quirks. You can’t go wrong with just exploring and going on a random drive ✌️


Have a lovely Valentine’s Day! ❤️

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