Your Lip But Way WAY Better


Last week, we launched a couple of products that sold out within a day 😱 It sold out so fast that some people haven’t even gotten their newsletter announcement yet!

Of course, we jumped on that restock ASAP and it’s finally back in stock 💋


Water Blending Lip Oil ($15)

What it is:

This is a lip oil (kind of like a liquid lip balm) that you can use to keep your lips moisturized all day. While it sounds oily, the product itself applies like a light balm.

lip oil.gif

Why you need it:


The natural AHA in the lip oil helps to exfoliate chapped lips and helps prevent dryness. The mint (you can absolutely smell the mint, by the way!) will help to soothe and alleviate any pain. Unlike a traditional lip balm, the lip oil really gets into the skin to keep the lips hydrated all day.

How to use it:

Use the wand applicator to apply all over the lips and reapply as needed. If you’re planning on wearing makeup over the product, let it sit for about 5 minutes and dab off any excess.

Water Blending Lip Mask ($15)

What it is:

The lip mask is an overnight product that helps to keep your lips hydrated and smooth while you sleep. Due to its thicker consistency and balm-like texture, it’s great for keeping a barrier on your lips to really work throughout the night while you sleep.

lip mask.gif

Why you need it:

A lot of people forget to take care of their lips during their nighttime skincare routine. In the winter, this can lead to painfully dry and chapped lips. If you’re doing your skincare regimen anyway, why not add on a quick layer of protection for your lips too? You’ll wake up with some soft and plump lips in exchange 😉

How to use it:

Use the included spatula to scoop out a small pea-sized amount of product and layer it evenly over clean and dried lips. Leave on overnight.

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