5 Ways to Minimize Your Pores

Pores — everyone has them, but nobody particularly likes them. The more visible your pores, the harder it is to create a smooth look with your makeup. It’s tough to go back once your pores have increased in size, but you can maintain your current pore size and even make your pores less visible if you follow these steps:

1. Remove dirt and makeup every night- even if it’s just sunscreen

Clogged pores become larger, and usually darker, pores, so it is imperative that you free your face of dirt and makeup every evening. You’ll want to get rid of sebum, dust, and even sunscreen. To do this, invest in a good oil-based cleanser and a gentle water-based (foam) cleanser.

The oil cleanser will wash away the sebum, sunscreen, makeup, and other oil-based impurities. The foam cleanser will clear your sweat and whatever dirt is left. It’ll also help to make sure your oil cleanser is thoroughly cleaned off!


Try: Innisfree Apple Juicy Deep Cleansing Foam (water) , Banila Co. Clean It Zero (oil)

2. Exfoliate regularly 

Dead skin and sebum that isn’t cleared away will end up settling deep into your pores. To prevent the buildup, use products with beta hydroxy acids (BHAs). These can go deep into the pores to exfoliate and break down impurities 💦

For more instant results, try using a peeling gel once a week. The gel will help to lift dead skin right off for a smoother, brighter complexion instantly!

Try: Nooni Springwater AHA BHA Sprout TonerManyo Factory Active Herb Refresh Peeling Gel

3. Use a clay mask weekly for a deep cleanse

Charcoal and volcanic ash are basically magnets for the dirt in your pores, so use a clay mask once a week to draw out as much unwanted stuff as you can. These clay masks will also do a great job at absorbing any excess sebum, which is always a plus!

Remember, when you’re using a clay mask, wash it off before it dries all the way. It should still be slightly damp to the touch when you’re ready to take it off! This prevents the mask from pulling moisture out of your skin.

Try: I Dew Care Pure to the Pore Jelly Clay Mask

4. Try a steam treatment

Generations of skincare lovers have used simple steam to minimize the appearance of pores. Steam opens up your pores and makes it easier to remove all makeup and debris. You don’t have to steam every time you cleanse your face, but the more often you take this extra step, the better your skin will look ✨

5. Use primer for a quick fix

Skincare products will do wonders for your skin, but they do take time. If you need a quick fix, try using a primer designed specifically for large pores. The right primer can actually fill in the space of your pores to create a smooth surface. Once the pores are filled in, you’ll actually get a blurring effect as well!

Demonstrated on orange to magnify and imitate pores

Try: Pony Effect Original Prep Primer #Original

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