Pro Tips to Masking


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Masking is for sure our fail-proof method to relax and indulge in some quality pampering 💆 We strongly encourage you to give your skin that extra boost at least once a week. Soak up our tips👇 and start masking like a pro!

TIP 1 – Don’t let your clay mask dry all the way.

clay.jpgYou may be used to checking if your clay mask is dry to the touch before rinsing off.. well, that’s not ideal for your skin 😱 That’s right- once your mask is starting to crack and flake, you’ve gone too far. Fully dried, a mask actually starts to pull moisture out of your skin!

The best time to rinse off your mask is when it’s just beginning to show signs of drying but is still slightly damp/sticky to the touch. This rule applies to sheet masks as well!

Our recommendation? 8-10 minutes for wash off clay masks and 30-45 minutes for sheet masks. If it’s a peel off mask, that’s different and you should leave it on until dried! 😉

TIP 2 – Trim your sheet masks to fit your face.

two.jpgYou don’t have to settle for a poor-fitting mask! It’s super easy to customize it with a quick trim ✂️

The easiest method is to grab a pair of clean scissors and cutting horizontally across your mask just under the nose flap. This gives you two pieces so you can adjust the height of top and bottom separately!

You can also make small snips in the corners of the mouth, eye, or nose space to make them larger or closer together if necessary 👀

TIP 3 – Sheet mask your way to perfect makeup. 

Msheet.jpgasking isn’t just for nighttime relaxation. If you have 10 minutes to spare and a big event to prep for, apply a sheet mask on just before makeup. The extra boost and hydration will help foundation apply flawlessly as it will smooth out bumps, dry patches, and add a glow to your face ✨ Sheet masks typically provide instant results so don’t let that good go to waste!

Save your brightening, redness reducing, and ultra hydrating masks for those special mornings when you need your makeup to look its best 💎

TIP 4 – Know the limits of your sheet mask.

We’re just as stocked up on sheet masks as you are, but keep in mind the things a sheet mask cannot do: deep-cleansing, skin purifying, pore-clearing. A sheet mask will give you a burst of hydration by sinking into the skin but it won’t pull impurities out of your pores the way a clay mask will. Be sure to swap out your sheet masks once a week for a trusty clay mask!

TIP 5 – Don’t waste the serum left inside sheet mask packets.

serum.jpgFor most sheet masks, it’s the liquid that holds all the skin benefiting ingredients. You can use the serum over your entire body, so keep and use the excess! Here are two ways to maximize the benefit:

  1. Grab a small decanting container (you can find these in travel sections of the drugstore, craft stores, and online) and squeeze the serum out of the packet. Now you have a travel-friendly jar of serum!
  2. Drop a few cotton rounds into the packet and give the packet a few firm pats to distribute the serum. Once the cotton soaks up all the serum, remove and apply! To store for future use, drop them into a ziploc bag 😊

TIP 6 – Store your sheet masks in the fridge.

You should always store your skincare out of direct sunlight but did you know that you can store your sheet masks in the fridge? Keeping them in the fridge will give them a refreshing cool feeling when you use them! The temperature may even help prolong the life of the ingredients 😎

TIP 7 – Don’t wash off the serum left over after masking.

masking.jpgAfter you finish using your sheet mask, don’t go running for the bathroom! Gently massage the remaining serum into your skin with small upward motions. End your massage by lightly patting everything in. This will help your skin absorb the maximum amount of product! If your skin feels a bit tacky, give your skin some time to absorb everything ⌛️

If the tacky feeling won’t go away no matter how long you wait, it’s most likely because it’s having trouble absorbing product. In this case, try exfoliating before you mask. The exfoliating step will remove dead skin and excess oil that’s not letting the serum soak through properly.

Discover a mask that’s perfect for your skin needs here 👉
(Remember to use the filters on the left-hand side!)

Do you have any pro masking tips? Let us know in the comments or by emailing!

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