I Dew Care Magic Clay Masks – Complete Guide

To purchase, you can head over to this link ➡ here!

Finally, a complete range of clay masks just landed and my dull combination-skin dreams have been answered. For a long time, I’ve struggled with finding clay masks that weren’t too drying or suitable for only oily-skin folks. The I Dew Care Magic Clay Mask line has 5 different clay masks that target different concerns… meaning there’s one (or many) for everyone!

Each mask contains 60g of product for $19. There is also a full set of minis for $20 that contain 10g each. To make your decision easy, I put each of the masks to the test…


6-08-2017-idc-product6348-comp-Rd5Ginger Aide – Energizing Ginger Clay starring Yellow Clay, Ginger, & Kiwi Seed Extract

Scent & Texture: This mask has a very faint citrus-like scent. The texture of the clay itself is very creamy (spreads easily!) with granular bits for exfoliation 🥝

Performance / Results / First Impressions: My number one concern? Dull skin. I was excited to try this mask because of the brightening properties it boasts. Applying this mask was easy and a little goes a long way! I loved the gentle exfoliating action and the slight tingle while masking. After rinsing it off, my face looked noticeably brighter and healthier ✨ I also loved that this didn’t strip my skin or absorb too much oil.

*Keep in mind that this mask does contain alcohol and may be too strong for those with sensitive skin.

Get it here

6-08-2017-idc-product6346-comp-Rd4Berry Bubbly – Purifying Bubbling Berry Clay starring Kaolin Clay, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Raspberry Extract

Scent & Texture: This mask has a floral, fruity scent. The texture is jelly-like, but applies smooth.

Performance / Results / First Impressions: As someone who is generally ticklish, this mask made me nervous as other bubbling masks I’ve tried have proven to be just too bubbly 😭 This mask, however, is super gentle and the bubbling action feels like light taps on the face. The bubbles started forming within 10 seconds of applying it transforming the mask into a plush, frothy texture ☁️ I can’t say much on the purification benefit, but my face felt smoother and more hydrated after using this!

Get it here

6-08-2017-idc-product6349-comp-Rd4Pure to the Pore – Cleansing Volcanic Ash Clay starring Volcanic Ash and Clay

Scent & Texture: This mask has no detectable scent. The texture is not too runny or bouncy and spreads onto the face easily.

Performance / Results / First Impressions: I applied this to my nose and forehead as I have larger pores in my T-zone and have moderate blackheads on my nose. Within a few minutes of having this mask on, I was able to spot dark areas on the mask where the clay was pulling out excess oils from my pores! After rinsing off the mask, I noticed that my pores looked less visible and my skin felt more firm.

Get it here

19228325_147741405772549_4531147972808802304_nTake It Easy – Calming Calamine Clay starring Calamine

Scent & Texture: This mask has no detectable scent. The texture is very bouncy and jelly-like 🍮

Performance / Results / First Impressions: This mask has the more interesting bouncy texture and feels gentle and cooling on the skin. I use this when my skin is irritated in order to calm inflammation. The mask dries into an almost transparent color and I love that it doesn’t feel hard on the skin. The only downside of this mask is that it can be difficult to rinse off.

Get it here

19367803_1870804989909309_2806635358408671232_nHang Tight – Tightening Tea Tree Clay Mask starring Tea Tree Oil

Scent & Texture: This mask has no detectable scent. The texture is slightly watery with small granular bits.

Performance / Results / First Impressions: This is the Tea Tree and Clay combo I didn’t realize the world needed! This mask applies quite watery, but doesn’t budge once it starts drying. I used this on a few breakout areas on my forehead and saw the redness of my acne fade immediately after rinsing 🙌 This didn’t dramatically shrink or treat my acne, but it’s great for a quick fix before an event!

Get it here

The Bottom Line: Not everyone needs every mask! I recommend picking and choosing the ones that may be most beneficial for your based on what your skin concerns are. Out of the masks I’ve tried, I saw the best results from using Ginger Aide, Pure to the Pore, and Take It Easy due to the specific concerns I wanted to target (dull, irritated skin with large pores). Berry Bubbly and Hang Tight didn’t make it to the top of my list, but they are better suited for those with blackheads and breakouts.

To purchase, you can head over to this link ➡ here! This is also available in 300 Ulta stores 🛍

Disclaimer: Author is an employee at Memebox. All opinions are personal.

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