10 YouTubers You Need to Follow ASAP

When it comes to beauty, I do the bulk of my research by watching videos and hearing what my favorite YouTubers think. The channels below are some of my favorites. Spoiler though, you’ll be at risk of major bingeing 🙏

FOR THE LEGIT SKINCARE – Channels that have the deep and real knowledge about skincare and how you can get that forever glow


liah yoo.gif

Think of Liah as your free skincare education course, minus the boredom and big words. Watch some videos if you want to know what will actually work for those acne scars 🎓



Renee breaks down key ingredients and shares insight into her skincare routines (her skin is insanely great) and tips. Whatever Renee is recommending, I’m already adding to cart 💸

FOR THE WACKY & NEW – Channels that don’t mind being your guinea pig for weird stuff in the beauty market


tina yong.gif

If there’s something new in the beauty sphere, you can bet Tina’s on it! She’s also extremely detailed and unbiased with her reviews ❤️



First off, Tristian’s happy attitude is completely contagious 😄 He’s definitely tried some of the weirder stuff circulating the internet!

FOR K-POP FANS –  Channels that will talk biases with you while testing out trending Korean makeup and skincare



If you need a laugh, let Fei’s silly personality help with it 😂 She’s also a prime channel to follow if you have troubled skin and need skincare recommendations!


edward avila.gif

Edward hangs out with real-life K-pop idols in South Korea, so that’s probably already enough to subscribe to his channel 🤷‍♀️ He’s also hilarious to watch and probably sassier than you.

FOR THE MAKEUP – Channels that mostly feature makeup and show you how to create looks that’ll turn heads


everyday heidi.gif

Heidi has that friendliness that’ll make you want to chain-watch her videos. She creates super wearable makeup looks and gets into the nitty gritty with product reviews!


olivia mecca.gif

Olivia is the princess of go-to natural looks. She makes glowing skin look completely effortless, and with her tutorials, you can too 🌟 Her channel is a mix of lifestyle and beauty, but the looks alone puts her in this category.

FOR A BIT OF EVERYTHING – Channels that dabble in both skincare and makeup to bring the best of both worlds


jennifer chiu.gif

Looking for addictive beauty hack videos? Jennifer’s got you with an entire range of videos from “9 Time Saving Beauty Hacks You Should Know By Now!” to “HOW TO: Stop Breakouts Before They Even Happen!”


ohitsmiss kris.gif

Kris’ channel is an all-around view into her life as a mom and beauty enthusiast. There’s lifestyle, vlogs, makeup, and skincare- something for everyone 😇

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