5 Beauty Hacks to Travel By

Traveling isn’t always the smoothest ride, and I’ve had my share of broken makeup and forgotten luggage 😩 Thankfully, I’ve gathered some travel hacks over the years that’ll hopefully make your next trip a little more seamless.

1. Use plastic wrap or tape to close up the opening of liquid containers.

We’ve all been there. The lid is tightly closed but precious foundation still manages to spill out and get everywhere. To combat this, I like to pull a piece of plastic wrap over the opening of the container before screwing the lid on. Basically, you just made your own seal 👍


2. Use a contact lens case for small batches of skincare.

This is one of my favorite things to do on short weekend trips. Grab an empty case and fill each side with skincare products for an easy, compact, travel container. I personally like to put eye cream in one side and primer in the other. Both are products that I don’t much of during shorter trips.

For larger batches such as cleanser and moisturizer, I reuse old deluxe sample containers. I also reuse liquid sample containers for my toner. I find these to be more compact than the sample containers I buy in drugstores.


3. Place a cotton round in your compacts.

I learned this one from a friend after my pressed powder broke during a flight. All you need to do is take a standard cotton round and fit it in any powder compact- highlighters, foundations, blush, etc.- and it’ll act as a cushion! Super easy and super effective 😍


4. Use loose powder in place of dry shampoo. 

I’m never confident about packing an aerosol dry shampoo so I was super excited to find out this nifty little trick. All you need is some loose powder (I’ve only tried this with translucent powders) and a puff or fluffy brush. Tap a light dusting of powder near the roots of your hair wherever it looks oily. Let that sit for about 10 seconds and brush it off with your fingers. Violà!


5. Use toilet seat covers as oil blotting sheets.

I generally prefer to just buy oil blotting sheets because they’re softer, but if you’re in a pinch, toilet seat covers will do the trick! Here’s something to keep in mind though, don’t use the sheet right in front! Bacteria has likely splattered on the first one at some point, so I like to use the third sheet in, and use the part that’s not exposed. It’s definitely helped me the few times I forgot to bring my pack of blotting sheets along 🛢


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