5 Truths About Makeup Remover Wipes

It’s a lazy gal’s favorite product, but what is it really doing to your skin? 🤔 If you swear by makeup remover wipes, you might want to pay attention..

1. It won’t remove the impurities in your pores.

Sure, it does take off makeup, but it’s also just smearing product around. Imagine this: you skin isn’t a flat, smooth surface. You have pores, and makeup has settled into them throughout the day. At best, a wipe can only move across the surface. It wouldn’t be able to trickled into the pores to clear out the gunk the way a cleanser can.

2. It leaves grime behind.

Makeup remover wipes contain ingredients that will dissolve your makeup, but without the added rinsing step, the grime is left behind on your skin. No amount of additional wiping can truly remove the residue. Without a microscope, you can’t know for sure that your wipe is actually removing all the makeup. For all you know, it could be swirling bacteria and makeup around your face 🤷‍♀️


3. It may irritate your skin.

This is an extension to the problem with not having a rinsing step. The preservatives and chemicals that melted off your makeup is now left on your skin. This may irritate people with dry and sensitive skin.

Furthermore, the constant tugging motion is generally rougher on your skin than a slippery cleanser. Remember, too much tugging on your skin can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles!

4. Your skincare won’t be as effective on a canvas that isn’t clean.

When your pores have dirt in them, your skincare can’t absorb properly. As you know, all skincare directions start with “Apply to a cleansed face”. Without it, you’re piling product on top of your skin, which could potentially do more bad than good!

5. Poorly cleansed skin leads to a number of problems. 

Read here. Double cleansing is the way to go (aka no bar soaps and no single-step cleanse), but we’ll work on one step at a time 😉

When is a makeup remover wipe okay?

Okay, it’s not all bad. If you don’t see an opportunity to cleanse your face properly anytime soon, you should use a wipe. It’s still better than nothing.

But remember that in no circumstance can the wipes fully replace your cleansing. This isn’t a marketing gimmick or sales pitch- it’s scientific truth, and your skin will thank you for the extra two minutes.


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