2017 Nail Trends That Are Goals AF

I’m a huge fan of nail designs, even if I don’t have enough time to commit to anything 😜 You may have already seen some of these gracing fashion shows earlier this year! Here are some of my favorites:

1. Pierced Nails 

Instagram via @nails_unistella / @nail_sunny

You can either love it or hate it, but you have to admit that it’s unique and hardcore 👏

2. Negative Space

Instagram via @thenailistaproject / @chelseaqueen

If the negative space is by the cuticle, you could have a week of nail growth and no one will know 😉

3. Energizing Yellow

Instagram via @cndworld / @borsch_nails

This is your year to be bolder than ever ☀️ If a full set of bright yellow is too much, pop on a black accent (which, coincidentally, is also a 2017 summer nail trend 🤔)

4. High Heel Nails

Getty via NYFW / Instagram via @_freyascat_

Obviously the easiest nail look on this post, high heels nails are basically one strip of polish down the center of your nail. Some people like to embellish the cuticle with a small strip of wire 👠

5. Cuticle Nails

Instagram via @nailsbyharlig / nails_unistella

Nail designs are moving down from the tips and I’m totally for this trend of embracing your cuticles. Bedazzle the 💩 out of it.

Brb getting my nail set out 💅

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