Finding The Best Bubbling Mask

Bubbling masks only became super popular in the last 2 years or so but ever since the trend took off, there’s been so many to choose from. Obviously, we wanted to know which one holds the winning spot 🏆

So I found three easily accessible bubbling masks to test out: I Dew Care Berry Bubbly (available at Ulta), Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask (available on Amazon), and the Caolion O2 Bubble Pore Pack (available at Target).




I definitely enjoyed this packaging the most. It’s got a sturdy lid and container and isn’t awkward to hold- fits perfectly in my hand! The texture is very cloud-like and quite lumpy. A spatula is not included.


The packaging is definitely cheaper than the other two and bulkier, but it does contain the most product. The texture is like thick mud and is easier to pick up than Berry Bubbly. A spatula is included.


It feels the sturdiest of the three, but also the smallest and lightest. I’m not a fan of the plastic lid because I’ve had too many experiences with those cracking. There are tiny grains in the mask and the texture is closest to what you’d might expect from a clay mask. A spatula is included.



The lumpy texture applies better in smaller batches because it tends to roll off the skin at first. Once the first couple of swipes is on, the mask becomes much easier to apply.

I felt a minor tickling sensation but it’s not something I really notice. I watched some videos on YouTube and pretty much forgot about it. The foams bubbled up nice but it is the least bubbly of the three. Obviously, the thicker you apply the layer, the larger your final foam will be. Comfort 4.5/5

This mask took about 10 splashes to get off. I didn’t need to rub at my skin to get it off, but it does require a good rinse. It doesn’t wash off as easily as a regular clay mask, but it wasn’t a huge step up either. Ease of use 3/5.


The texture of the mask makes it quite easy to apply onto large surfaces (cheeks, forehead, etc) with the included spatula, though it is way too short to hold nicely. Overall, application was great!

Oh man, the tickling.. it felt like actual pop rocks on my face. The longer I left it on, the stronger the sensation got. By the end of five minutes, I was running for the sink. The mask bubbled so hard I felt tingling in areas I didn’t even apply mask on! It didn’t hurt at all, but it definitely wasn’t a smooth ride. Comfort 3/5.

This mask definitely took some effort to take off. I felt I really need to rub on some areas to clear it off. I can see why people suggest using this in the shower! Think of your traditional clay mask and add on maybe an extra minute of rinsing. Ease of use 2/5.


The spatula in this one is essentially for scooping only. I did try to apply my mask with it, but it probably wasn’t designed to do so. The shape and width doesn’t work too well. The texture is easy to spread and you only need a thin layer. I didn’t love the granules because they felt so gritty- like fine sand.

The bubbling sensation was strong with this one. I felt a sort of tightening feeling as the mask bubbled away. It’s similar to the Elizavecca mask, but is even less comfortable because of the grittiness. This one had a very minor pain aspect to it. Comfort 2/5.

Taking the mask off, on the other hand, was a dream! It washed off very easily, although I would recommend popping the bubbles first. Again, I was thrown off by the gritty texture as I rinsed. If you need some exfoliation, I can see why you might enjoy this, but I personally don’t like rough chunks in my skincare. Ease of use 4.5/5.

10secs copy.jpg
After 10 Seconds (I Dew Care, Elizavecca, Caolion)
After 2 Minutes (I Dew Care, Elizavecca, Caolion)


I’m happy to report that all three masks left my skin feeling soft and clean. Elizavecca did dry out my skin quite a bit more than the other two. If you have dry skin, you may want to avoid it. If you have sensitive skin, skip the Caolion mask. The sand texture and bubbling may be too rough. If you’re looking for a one time masking party with some friends for fun, I recommend Elizavecca.

Personally, I choose Berry Bubbly because it’s the most comfortable, gets the job done, and isn’t just “gimmicky” 👍



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