Before and After: Nooni Radiance Peel Pad & Nooni Dual Essence Review

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Before and After Using Nooni Radiance Peel Pads and Brighten-Up Radiance Dual Essence


TL;DR: After I noticed sun spots on my hands, I used the Nooni Repair Turnover Peel Pad and Nooni Brighten-Up Radiance Dual Essence for about a month and it faded my sun spots! The pictures speak for themselves 🙂


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This photo is the strongest before and after I personally have seen, and I stare at my hands in disbelief all the time.

One day as I’m snapchatting, I notice my hands – a closer look and I see SPOTS! In total disbelief, I analyze my hand and see indeed that I have spots on both my hands. Walking to work everyday without sunscreen on my hands formed spots concentrated in the areas where my hands faced the sun.

I freaked out and for the next few days I became slightly obsessed. I did not want spots on my hands so early in life and I did not want to give my mom a chance to say “I told you so”. I needed to find a foolproof way to reverse these pigmentations while protecting and preventing new ones from happening.

Here was my thought process.

  1. Thought: My skin must be really susceptible to getting hyperpigmentation but why my hands. My hands must not have such high cell turnover because I had a burn mark on my left thumb and it has not been able to lighten and go away for good.
    1. Answer: I would use the Nooni Repair Turnover Peel Pad at night every few days as it has AHAs to remove dead skin cells. One, I wanted the skin on my hand to learn/train to increase cell turnover. Two, I needed to make sure whatever I was going to put on my hand was able to be fully absorbed and effective.
  2. Now I needed to find something that would actually target the hyperpigmentation while also protecting my skin. I would apply sunscreen before I left the house but I washed my hands so frequently I needed something I can use throughout the day without making it too hard. I went to Sephora and asked what was their best product to lighten hyperpigmentation and everything recommended was $60+. I did not want to spend that much on my hands and that’s when I thought of Nooni’s new product.
    1. I haven’t tried Nooni Brighten-Up Radiance Dual Essence but I knew it formulated to brighten hyperpigmentation. It contains Niacinamide and other brightening ingredients  to helps regulate melanin production and help prevent future growth of dark spots. I initially only applied Step 1 (left) to target the dark spots. The essence is super light and wouldn’t leave my hand sticky which I really liked. I used this everyday, multiple times as I washed my hands throughout the day.
    2. Then I started mixing in Step 2 because I figured it wouldn’t hurt to add some protection because it was a tone up cream with titanium dioxide and although it’s not a sunscreen I knew titanium dioxide would help as a sun protector and I wanted an overall even skin tone.   

At first I didn’t notice a difference but suddenly a few days ago I looked at my hand and they were gone! I did multiple takes. I looked at my hand in different lighting to make sure I wasn’t overlooking them and I took the after photo in the same area of my room with natural lighting. I wish I documented every week but I really didn’t think they would disappear. I thought they might lighten but I accepted that I might have these for the rest of my life.

If you have hyperpigmentation or if your skin is susceptible to hyperpigmentation I would recommend the Nooni Brighten-Up Radiance Dual Essence. I used the essence for about a month and saw amazing results but these are ‘fresher’ pigmentation. If you have older hyperpigmentation it might take longer. Below is the burn mark on my left thumb that I’ve had for quite some time. Although it hasn’t gone away it has definitely improved in size & pigmentation whereas the newer hyperpigmentation have completely gone away.

Nooni Radiance Peel Pad $25

Nooni Brighten-Up Radiance Dual Essence $25